Our Manifesto

  1. Great communities arise from a three-legged stool of governance: big business, government, and the civic sector.
  2. The civic sector includes citizen activists, neighborhoods, small businesses, community councils, volunteer civic associations, street-level non-profits, etc.
  3. Right now, the stool of community governance is unbalanced in favor of big business, political parties and government administrators.
  4. A strong civic sector means an increased capacity for citizens to solve their own problems either:
    • On their own, or;
    • By leading partnerships with government and big business.
  5. New relationships and collective learning will build the capacity of often-isolated citizens to make or lead change.
  6. By sharing the stories of citizen-lead efforts, Community Voices will help the civic sector:
    • Speak in a strong, clear voice that is heard by decision-makers during transparent public-policy deliberation;
    • Learn from and support each other’s community-building efforts.

 Our Vision for a New Politics

From…                                                             To…

Dominated by government/big business      Civic sector as equal partner

Struggle for control                                        Concert of action

Single issues                                                    Inter-connected problems

Finite answers                                                 Emerging practices

Decisive votes                                                  Open-ended, continuous deliberation

Intended results                                              Collective learning

Winning or losing                                           Changed course of events