The Third Voice

The Third Voice is a live-audience interview show that explores grass-roots community building you won’t find in any mainstream media.

Hosted by Jeffrey Stec at Lydia’s on Ludlow from 6:30-8 p.m. every Friday.

Audience members will listen to and participate in conversations with ordinary people leading jlsamazing neighborhood transformation. Here is our fall lineup:

October 7:  Growing community with condos:  how co-housing leaders are transforming Hammond North (Richard Asimus and Joan Hoxsey).

October 14:  Church as neighbor: from simple connections to difficult conversations, some churches are breaking boundaries to seek greater community impact (Rich Jones and Sherman Bradley).

October 21:  Cafe as community connector: how Cafe DeSales has transformed Walnut Hills (Dan Joyner and Sandy Vierling).

October 28:  Changing the local narrative:  how a few neighbors in Westwood made community work fun–and healing (John Eby and another guest).

November 4:  Open date:  if you have a story that needs to be heard, email

November 11:  Experts have no clothes: the essential role of neighbors in ending crime, addiction and racism (Paul Komarek).

November 18:  Ending white silence: the hidden crisis behind racial injustice (Kate Reidel and Christina Brown).

December 2:  Sean McCabe will dish on years of community building and the lessons he’s learned (Sean McCabe).

December 9:  At 100, WCC is still at it:  the Woman’s City Club tackles poverty, the latest issue in a century’s worth of big causes (Susan Noonan, CJ Pierce).

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