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Cafe DeSales Restores the Commons in Walnut Hills

Now nearly five years later, Sandy's hospitality -- and unflagging work to connect the diverse neighbors who walk to the cafe -- has built a profitable business that has become "the living room" for the neighborhood, providing a hedge against the down-sides of gentrification by deepening the sense of community for long-time neighbors and newcomers alike.

Mercy for Addicts

Editor’s Note:  For years, Paul Komarek has been studying, advocating for and building models of restorative justice and community-based addiction/mental health treatment. The data shows that John McKnight was right–that […]

Citizens Use Their Leverage to Stop Development

With this vote, the Planning Commission supported the concept of resident engagement and recognized the need for neighborhood support before granting city benefits to developers. This is a boost for equitable and inclusive development in our city. We say hurrah, and we’re looking forward to working with the developers.

The Power of Purchase

Materialism and militarism are closely related. Along with racism they form the giant triple evils that Dr. King called upon us to defeat. Each of the three leads us toward cruelty and war, and each depends on a complacent citizenry. By becoming informed about the impact of our decisions and learning to use our economic power mindfully we have the ability to co-create an economy that works for all and bring into being the world we want to live in—one that is healthy, just and peaceful.

A Neighborly Covenant

We need a new narrative, a shift in our thinking and speaking....from a culture of addictive consumption to a place where life is ours to create together. This satisfying way depends upon a neighborly covenant—an agreement that we together will better raise our children, be healthy, be connected, be safe, and provide a livelihood. The neighborly covenant has a different language than market-hype. It speaks instead in a sacred tongue.