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Category: Neighborhoods

Two churches shift role to transform both congregants and community

Great conversation with two local pastors who are changing the role of church in community: Rev. Rich Jones believes that becoming good neighbors will help transform both the surrounding community and his congregants, while Rev. Sherman Bradley is building an integrated congregation to tackle race and social justice issues.

The Kennedy Arts Center: A How To in Grass Roots Community Building

Many people know about the Kennedy Arts Center. Around since 2004, granted money by the City to help get it started, and providing art classes in a beautiful house on Montgomery Road, the Center is a visible success story for the “arts as engagement” movement. But understanding how an old home healed a neighborhood will provide a master course in grass roots community building. Let’s look at a timeline of lessons any citizen activist can take from this story.

Rec Centers–the Heart of Urban Communities

Never underestimate the value of Cincinnati recreation centers to their surrounding communities. Check out this photo montage to get a glimpse of the role the Hawthorne Avenue rec center plays in East Price Hill every day.

Invest In Change

With the return of NSP administration to the City, a shift in neighborhood funding from Community Councils to Business Districts and Development Corporations, it became apparent that Invest would need to adapt.