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Neighbors Working to Rebuild Their Philly Neighborhood

Editor’s note:  from gardening to story-telling at the Democratic National Convention, from block parties celebrating collaboration to rehabbing homes and theaters, Philly Urban Creators is using the power of neighborly collaboration to transform their communities:

Urban Creators is a grass-roots organization that inspires inner-city neighborhoods to transform neglected landscapes into dynamic safe-spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation. They are change makers; story-tellers, urban farmers, dot connectors, movement builders, and innovators, cultivating knowledge, skills, and local resources to take the health of their communities into their own hands.

We engage diverse networks in neighborhood revitalization efforts that build self-sufficiency and pioneer grass-roots economic development, while igniting a unified generation of passionate change agents, social entrepreneurs, and urban creators.

Check out their website and learn what’s possible.

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