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Using Generative Journalism to Build Community

Editor’s Note:  New Scoop (click here for the About page) is a sister organization to Axiom News, recasting the public narrative to empower communities and citizens by telling their stories.  Feels very similar to what we are doing with Community Voices — the co-op model is something we will explore.

What is New Scoop?

New Scoop is a new Calgary news co-op, using generative journalism to explore and share stories of our thriving city.

Why a Co-op?

Co-ops are member-owned organizations — a time tested way to sustain the common good!

Our Charter

We get more of what we pay attention to.

We want to pay attention to economic and community development, which is collaborative, sustainable and local.

We will tell the stories of citizens, formal and informal communities, co-ops, social enterprises, local businesses and associations addressing the social and economic challenges of Calgary.

We will organize and actualize the activities of New Scoop around the principles of member ownership, democracy, collaboration and engagement, thereby embodying the values and realities we are hoping to initiate and sustain.

An update on New Scoop’s recent progress.

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