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Next deadline to submit content:  March 20, 2016.

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Our public narrative is currently dominated by the priorities of big business, large non-profit institutions, government administrators, politicians, and traditional news media–with the assumption that their actions and decisions matter most to our communities.

But if you are reading this, you probably already know that community is really built through the unsung work of countless community volunteers, civic associations, small businesses, street-level non-profits, and neighborly kindness.  Their stories need to be told so that others can learn from them and be inspired to act.  

Community Voices is an open framework for presenting and listening to these marginalized voices–and we are seeking content submissions that highlight the great work being done by community groups, small non-profits, and volunteers across the city, including:

  • Stories of 100-300 words (please include photos with captions) on how you did it and who you impacted—including the obstacles you overcame and the lessons you learned. These stories can be original works written for Community Voices or content from a prior publication;
  • Photos of citizen activity (no full story necessary but always include a caption describing why the photo is important);
  • Links to your website or other important citizen content with a one sentence description of why it’s important;
  • News and announcements of individual, organizational or community achievements (a successful event, new volunteer, grant, initiative, success milestone, etc.);
  • Event dates for citizen gatherings and efforts of any sort.



Format:           Microsoft Word for text, JPEG for photos

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