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An Economy to Support the Commons

Editor’s Note:  On the Commons is another great website promoting a new narrative of community and how we can only survive together.  Below is an excerpt and link covering the basic tenets of a generative economy (see also Generative Journalism) that supports the commons rather than the few.  The website is full of success stories.

10 Commandments of Commons Economics

Note from the On the Commons Editor:  This is a synthesis of ten years of research by the P2P Foundation on the emerging practices of new productive communities and the ethical entrepreneurial coalitions that create livelihoods for shared resources. It was written for the Uncommons conference in Berlin last October by P2P  founder Michel Bauwens

This article addresses the emerging practices that should inspire these entities of the ‘ethical’ economy. The main aim it to create new forms that go beyond the traditional corporate form and its extractive profit-maximizing practices of value extraction. Instead of extractive forms of capital, we need generative forms, that co-create value with and for the commoners.

Click here for 1-8 and 10.

9. Thou shalt mutualize physical infrastructures

Platform cooperatives, data cooperatives and fairshare forms of distributed ownership can be used to co-own our infrastructures of production.

The misnamed sharing economy from AirBnB and Uber shows the potential of matching idle resources. Co-working, skillsharing, ridesharing are examples of the many ways in which we can re-use and share resources to dramatically augment the thermo-dynamic efficiencies of our consumption.

In the right context of co-ownership and co-governance, a real sharing economy can achieve dramatic advances in reduced resource use. Our means of production –inclusive machines — can be mutualized and self-owned by all those that create value.

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