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A New Journalism: Community at the Center

Editor’s Note:  In the article below (from Axiom News, a great source of community-driven journalism), the author discusses how journalists can better cover “untapped communities” by helping citizens tell their own story.  At Community Voices, we intend to let citizens become journalists for their own communities–but the following article presents the journalistic principles under which we will work.

Identifying reliable sources and reaching broad audiences are challenging tasks, especially when covering “untapped” communities that have little experience in the media spotlight. Interacting with such populations requires time, skill, and, in some cases, an entirely new approach to journalism.

From October 16 to 18, 2015, newsroom leaders from across the country met on Stanford University’s campus for the annual American Society of News Editors – Associated Press Media Editors (ASNE-APME) conference. In a featured panel entitled “Flip It! Disruptive ways to engage untapped audiences”, three editors shared their experiences with “flipped” narratives – community at the center – and community engagement. Intrigued, I reached out to the editors after the conference, hoping to expand upon the panel’s productive discussion. In a series of interviews, all three editors offered detailed discussion and advice, providing fresh insight into their methods and takeaways.  For more click here.

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